Maxine Waters: A Worthless Evil PIG

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This piece of Congressional hard left Shit is another Democrat scourge to society. She calls for violence against Trump supporters and conservatives, yet like the DC magic… no charges or consequences for Democrats, no matter how full of shit they … Continued

Why The Electoral College…

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Trump won the popular vote in 31 states to Hillary’s 19 and DC.  62% to her 38%.   Trump led in the total popular vote for all states except California.   Hillary won California 5,860,714 to Trump’s 3,151,821. 61.6%. We hear a … Continued

Independence Day?

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  “The lessons that we learned are written on the tombstones of others.” Take heed America. You are looking directly into the face of tyranny and California’s lack of belief in your Constitutional freedoms could soon be coming to a … Continued