Large Capacity Magazine Myth

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Video Crushes Myth About ‘Large-Capacity’ Magazines

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A video demonstration conducted under the supervision Sheriff Ken Campbell of Boone County, Indiana, shows that magazine limitations have little or no real effect on a shooter’s ability to deliver aimed fire.

In the video, Sheriff Campbell says, “One of the reasons that magazine restrictions are being proposed is the perception that if the active shooter has fewer bullets in magazines, he will have to reload sooner and this will create an opportunity for someone to tackle him during the reload.”

In the demonstrations, that notion is proven to be false.

Under Sheriff Campbell’s supervision, two shooters—an experienced male shooter and a novice female shooter—are able to repeatedly fire 30-round shot strings at three targets, using 15-, 10- and 6-round magazines, all in under 30 seconds.

The male demonstrator fired 30 rounds from a pistol, first with two 15-round magazines, in 20.64 seconds. Then he fired three 10-rounders in 18.05 seconds and five 6-round magazines in 21.45 seconds.

The woman fired the same magazine sequence, emptying two 15-round magazines in 22.9 seconds. She then fired three 10-rounders in 25.51 seconds and five 6-round magazines in 26.93 seconds.

In addition, the man then fires 20 rounds from an AR-15 rifle using a single magazine, in 12.16 seconds. He then fired 20 rounds using two 10-round magazines in less time, 10.73 seconds.