Double Barrel Idiot!

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In this episode, ol’ Joe Biden tells his wife, that even though they live in a secluded area, if she’s being threatened by intruders to take the double barrel shotgun out on the porch and fire off two rounds into the air.

What? You just told your wife to expose herself to a criminal threat and to fire off the only two available rounds in her shotgun? I’m stunned, again, by this and other momentous comments from our illustrious VP. And what’s the next set of instructions to your wife, Joe, when she’s getting hit by return fire? Drop down and reload? Oh, she’ll be dropping down alright, but reloading won’t be in her future! This is Joe Biden’s argument against anyone’s need for an “assault” style rifle, or any rifle, for that matter, that could hold more than just a few rounds as the proper choice for a defensive weapon.

Joe is living the life, though, and fully protected by the Secret Service, so needs not be very concerned about his personal safety. For the rest of us, would you want just a double barrel shotgun when so many better choices are available? Of course not! Biden, along with all the other anti 2nd Amendment fools out there and digging deep, and in this case, Biden has once again opened his mouth and completely embarrassed himself.

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