Diamondback DB AM2

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The Diamondback AM2, a fairly new addition (2018) to Diamondback’s line of firearms, is a compact, high capacity 9mm pistol sporting a 12 and 17 round magazine. And it’s a small pistol given the capacity, weighing in at just 21.6 oz with an empty 12 round magazine. The barrel is 3.5″ and the AM2 is both lighter, and smaller than a Glock 19. And compared to the Glock, the grip and feel of the AM2 is far superior. It does feel really good in the hand.

The slide’s width is just under an inch at .975″ and the overall height is 4.6″ with the 12 round magazine. The overall length is 6.43″, making this a suitable carry gun for those that don’t like to or won’t carry larger pistols. No worries here, though as the capacity is awesome for a gun of this size. The 12 round magazine won’t leave you with a dangling pinky, and the 17 round magazine would easily accommodate ‘The Shaq’s’ hands!

Fit and finish is very nice, especially for a gun of this price (msrp 339.00). I purchased mine for $300. Disassembly is via the familiar Glock style tabs. My first impression after removing the slide was… ‘Stout.’ This thing is built like a tank! DB could have easily shaved some weight, but I’m glad they chose this route for the AM2. Perhaps it’s a sign of larger calibers to follow? Anyway, I was impressed. But unfortunately, not by everything.. But first let’s talk about how it shoots.

The AM2 felt like a good solid shooter. Flawless. I ran 200 rounds of Federal American Eagle 124 gr FMJ between the AM2 and a P365. Both performed exceptionally well. My son and I shot a variety of pistols, including the Walther PPQ, a couple Sig P365’s, the DB9, a Sig P290, and the AM2. And there lies my first whine, er, observation. The AM2 trigger pull weight is advertised as 5-6 lbs. Mine measured in at 7.5 lbs. The take-up is unnecessarily long before reaching the ‘wall’ and the trigger return spring is way too stiff for my liking, and probably contributes to much of the total pull weight. Once at the ‘wall’, the creep is average in distance with a little grittiness, but the break is sharp and clean with a very short reset. I can’t imagine anyone not singing praises for the shorter reset. The earlier AM2 had a much shorter take-up, but a long creep before the break. When they shortened the reset on the newer version, they didn’t compensate for the overall trigger travel, so now the take-up is long and the creep and reset is short. Then there’s that trigger safety blade with shades of the DB FS9 trigger safety. Could they make it any larger? Sig didn’t feel the need for a trigger safety on the P365, nor do I. Now that the safety lever is there, the aftermarket is stuck with having a lever safety for liability purposes. Oh well, nobody asked for my opinion…. 🙂

At the range. Great groups with the the P365 (top) and the DB AM2 (bottom). To be fair, I had my elbows propped on a bench, and I only used one brand and weight of ammo. But still… nothing but good consistent shooting placing the AM2 in the “no slouch” category. I don’t know who made the newer sights, but I understand the slide is Glock sights compatible.

Observe the above pics to get an idea of how solidly the AM2 is built. The barrel has plenty of meat around the chamber and has a nicely shaped and polished feed ramp. The internals are solid as well. Check out the thickness of the sub assembly chassis and rails. Crazy strong! I love it.

It’s an impressive pistol and I have every confidence that this pistol will continue to run flawlessly. Overall… thumbs up to DB!