Molycorp: Who Are You Going To Call Now?

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Molycorp Is The Only Rare Earth Mining Operation in the United States. “Rare Earth?”


Rare Earth and Rare Metal products are used in a wide variety of electronic and clean energy technology. These same electronics are vital to advanced military weapons guidance systems production. However, Molycorp is now in bankruptcy, and may be forced to sell off their assets. If the courts force this end to America’s only Rare-Earth mining facility, supplies will need to be purchased from other countries. And who is the largest producer of Rare-Earth, and who forced low pricing competition to the demise of Molycorp, and then who began to limit their exports? Why, China, of course.


The attitude among American’s and politicians seems to be to simply shrug this off as the United States continues its quest to remain indifferent to American manufacturing. We buy so many other items from China, what’s the difference, right? I vote that we don’t wait around to see what that “difference” might be should we go to war with China, as I’m pretty confident China would cut off any supplies necessary that could be used for military production. It’s just good practice, no?


The United States Military supports Molycorp and believes it’s a critical asset. They seem to be the only ones that understand. Or care. Let’s bail out GM, let’s dole out billions of dollars to other countries to buy their friendship, but let’s ignore supporting the very source that could be crucial to America’s future.


Complete details of Rare Earth, Rare Metals, Zirconium, etc:


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