Corruption: Alive And Well

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You really want to believe you can trust local law enforcement, lawyers, your Police Chief, the District Attorney, Assistant Prosecutors, or anyone within the legal or law enforcement systems. However hard to believe, yet true, this staggering report will put into perspective the level of corruption that can and has occurred right here in America. Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, and Public Trust gone bad! It’s already been shown that there have been over 100 innocent people executed by various State Governments, so we all know there was and apparently still is a problem. Thank goodness for DNA testing that has admonished ‘many’ others from a similar fate. Do our officials believe DNA has been a positive reinforcement to correct our legal system? Some yes, but in too many cases, those on the ‘wrong end’ of the outcome will insist this technology is fraught with problems, and they would prefer to believe the testimony of, perhaps even a felon, that’s providing prosecutory lies in exchange for legal favors. 

Enter the latest of the worst. Watch this video and decide for yourself if we still have a problem. It’s disgusting in nature, yet somewhat still hard to believe our “trusted officials” could and have resorted to this level of behaviour. And so many are involved! This is organized crime on a public trust level. The worse of the worst. They should ALL be fired and should ALL have to face charges, and, in my opinion, serve many years in prison. And, of course, the lawyers involved in the deception should surely lose their ability to practice at any level. This is murder using the weapon of lies, authority, government, and an extremely disgusting example of a misuse of power. Friends, it just doesn’t get any worse than this.




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