Boberg XR9-S Trigger Overlays

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Here ya go, folks, the definitive photo overlay comparison between the “standard” trigger pull distance and the optional “Short Pull” assembly! My opinion is that the short pull trigger is the schnitzel amongst the double action git ‘er done models.

Pictured are a couple transparent overlays between the original trigger and the ‘short pull’ assembly. What I’ve found, is that, although the shorter pull assembly increases the resistance (that fulcrum thing), it’s really not that bad, and I feel the short pull variety allows you to get off more rounds quicker. The 6lb spring becomes a felt 8lb spring, but, really, it doesn’t matter, as it feels as if you can snap off rounds so much quicker, and the less travel distance could improve your groupings. I believe it’s a real winner!

Standard configuration overlay:Overlay_long


Short pull trigger overlay: